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X-Ray is the first digital diving magazine and it's different. Mouthwatering images, beautifully laid out with original stories. It's free, it makes you think and it's online.Back Issues | X-Ray Magazine

XRay covers diving all over the World.

Some of the main highlights in this issue include;

X-Ray #50

• Papua New Guinea
Enjoy our big theme issue highlighting PNG including Kimbe Bay, Witu, Milne Bay, Tufi and New Ireland with Steve Jones, Don Silcock and Christopher Bartlett.

• Safety Culture
Technical diver and writer Gareth Lock, an officer of the RAF, breaks down the concept of a safety culture into digestible bits and how human error can and should be less of a fatal factor in diving today.

• The Arrow
Robert Osborne tells us the tale of the wreck of the Arrow off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

• Humboldt Squid
Bartosz Stróżyński shows us how this red devil of the deep with a fierce reputation can also be a very intriguing and inspiring subject for the underwater photographer.

• Greenland Shark
Meet this deepsea giant, both predator and scavenger, with GEERG experts Jeffrey Gallant and Chris Harvey-Clark.

• Sheck Exley on Mix
Michael Menduno takes us back in aquaCorps time to an interview with technical diving pioneer and explorer, Sheck Exley.

• Point & Shoot II
Get the inside scoop on point-and-shoot cameras and equipment for underwater photography with Larry Cohen.

• Underwater Dogs
Move over human divers, world-famous underwater pet photographer Seth Casteel, shows us the enthusiastic and often humorous side of the four-pawed divers we love.

Plus our columnists... Bonnie McKenna's Turtle News, Wreck Rap, Marine Mammals, Travel News, and more...

Download your free copy of X-Ray Magazine here (file format: pdf)

►► X-Ray Magazine - compressed low-res version

►► iBook-version for iPad – uncompressed pdf
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