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Course:                   TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures
Date:                      Sat 20th / Sun 21st March
Location:                 NDC, Chepstow
Duration:                 Two full days
Cost:                      £250
Deposit:                  £100 on booking, balance on day of course.
Requirements:          Advanced Open Water Diver and Basic Nitrox or equivalent. 50 Logged dives
Min age:                  18 years
Includes:                 Instruction, all instructor expenses, course manual, certification, qual card, charts.
Doesn't Include         Candidates' travel, gas, food, toll fees for Severn Bridge or entry to NDC.

Equipment Required:

1. Primary Cylinder(s).  Cylinder volume appropriate for planned dive and student gas consumption.
2. Alternative second stage octopus attached to a primary regulator or a redundant scuba unit.
3. A submersible pressure gauge.
4. Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer and/or dive computer.
4. Buoyancy Compensator with power inflator.
6. Exposure suit adequate for the open water environment.
7. Cylinder and Regulator properly labeled and cleaned as required for EAN mixtures.
8. Access to oxygen analyzer (I will have one for use on the course but bring your own if you have one).
9. Decompression Mix Cylinder (If you do not have an O2 clean pony or other deco cylinder then let me know as I have some spares)
10. Ascent Reel with Lift Bag /Surface Marker Buoy.
11. Underwater Slate.

To book:                Post below/send me a PM/email me and then send a deposit to
                            Mark Powell
                            12 Weston Road
                            GU2 8AS
Description:             Advanced Nitrox covers all the topics in the nitrox course in much greater detail, with in-depth coverage of CNS & whole body oxygen toxicity and tracking, common mixing methods, best mix computations, decompression gas, accelerated decompression, dive planning, gas consumption calculations and equipment considerations, all culminating in certification to use 22% - 100% (oxygen) as a breathing gas. The Decompression Procedures course examines the theory, methods and procedures of planned decompression diving. The objective of this course is to train divers how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive not exceeding a maximum depth of 45 msw. The most common equipment requirements, gear set-up, and decompression techniques are presented, using nitrox or oxygen mixes within the divers existing qualification.

Please note that this course is run independantly of the management of YD. YD has not endorsed this course and will be in no way held responsible for content, safety or any other aspect of this course.

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<font color='#000F22'>Mark,

Am looking at doing Deco procedures and possibly ERD. I've already got TDI Adv nitrox.

Will you be running or combining either course. I've already done nitrox twice, once BSAc Adv then TDI to get up to 100% for deco prior to deco procedures, so don't want to do again.

thx.  gareth

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Most people wanted to do the combined course but sure I can do just the deco procedures.

Probably better to do it on a seperate occasion for just you and anyone else who wants to do just the deco procedures.

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The demand for ERD does seem to be dropping.

From what I see, most people who do ERD do it only as a stepping stone to Intro Trimix if they dont already have enough experience for Entry Trimix.

The TDI standards let you go from Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures direct to Entry Trimix, i.e. ERD is not a requirement.

If someone wants to go deeper than 40m then I know I would recommend Entry Trimix rather than ERD but this is purely a personal view.
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