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YD Post - Weymouth to Kent - help please!

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Hi - wondering if anybody could help out an idiot in distress.

Yesterday I was diving out of Castletown when I accidentally left my BCD and regs behind at Scimitar Diving. I really need them back and am just wondering if any kind souls may be making the trip from that delightful part of Dorset any way in this direction in the near future?

I live in the Dover(ish) part of Kent but can collect from anywhere around Kent or possibly London or Sussex too.

I am really desperate for help with this, please people.

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I have trips lined up for Hounslow and Holloway, probably this Friday if that helps.

Also going to Dorking and Chessington but that will probably be WC 10/05
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Chessington you say? Would that be during the week or at the weekend?

If it's the latter I could hang on a wee bit and combine it with a trip to take my lads to the park.

Cheers for the offer I really appreciate it and am kicking myself for my fark up!
I am working at the park, it will be nights during the week. I am fairly sure if I ask nicely I could leave the kit with the guys in the control room for you to collect the following weekend.
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Rob - you are an absolute star that would be perfect.

You have a PM!
Rob / Nic if there are any problems I can to ask my parents who live about 15 minutes away to look after it.
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Cheers Rob, I've greened you already so it won't let me do it again but thanks once more!
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