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YD Sardine Run Presentation !!

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Hey All,

Miss this one and you miss out!

This is your invitation to join us at one the best event presentations you'll see for any dive resort in the world! I jest you not.

YD, in conjunction with SubAqua-1 and XtremExperience,



are happy to invite you along to enjoy a presentation and Q&A session by Ian Walker (one of the South African owners of Xtremexperience) on the manifestly amazing natural phenomenon that is - THE SARDINE RUN !!

Ian has been enjoying this naturally occurring annual event in South Africa for about 22 years - lucky sod - and has been directly involved with the organisation of escorted trips and expeditions for the last four years; indeed, he personally leads many such trips to experience the 'Run' every year.

Bearing in mind that the Sardine Run involves numbers of fish that you will (unless you do this dive regularly) never see again in such profusion, and that they attract massive pods of dolphins and umpteen difference types of sharks, you can see why being in the water as the 'Bait-balls' ebb, flow, mill and dart is absolutely thrilling, to say the least. Any way, along with his presentation, Ian has a killer video for us to watch so we can get an idea of what to expect on one of his tours and what it's like to be in the water whilst all this is  going on around you.

Ian's over here making presentations all over the UK to promote the Sardine Run, and other aspects of diving in South Africa, and looks forward to answering as many of your questions as we might have on any aspects of the event. We're lucky enough to have been able to collar him for the night!

Our host for the evening will top Manchester Dive Centre, SubAqua-1 (the same guys doing the 990 Mag preso listed on these pages) and the presentation will begin at 7.00pm and should last just over and hour.

Admission will be FREE and you can bring your own beer to drink during the show. You can get a map and directions of how to get to SubAqua-1 from their website, see above URL. As a 'taster' for the Sardine Run itself, have a look at Ian's website - I know you'll be impressed.

Please can those wishing to attend post here so I can help in the organisation of this and get an idea of numbers for the night? Thanks in advance.

See ya there.

PS: It's also a good opportunity for some of those YD members who have not yet met each other to do so and go for a beer after the gig. Be rude not to!
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This gig is on Saturday, 03rd May 2003. Enjoy and see you there!

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My daughter Rebecca got married on friday and is now is South Africa on honeymoon and to meet her husbands parents , family and friends.
I am planning to go to South Africa next year, on the pretence of meeting his parents and family and had planned to go shark diving at the Cape and with the raggies further up the coast.
But this looks awesome, I am now going to try to add this to our trip, so thanks for the info Bren., unfortunately cant make the presentation.

What Rebecca doesn't realise is that her new hubby is going to arrange cage diving with the Great White Sharks in Cape town.
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Oh Bugger! We would really have liked to have gone to this but unfortunately I've arranged a birthday bash for the missus then.  

Oh well, hope to meet some of you at some point in the near future.

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Hey Guys and Gals,

I know we've not had much notice of this gig and that it's been arranged at short notice, but do we have any takers??

I'm gonna need hats in the ring and names in the hat if we're gonna make this a worthwhile trip for Ian. No takers, no show. Please have a think as we'll have to make a call on whether to proceed or not Thursday or Friday this week.

Thanks in advance and hope you can make it.
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** Sardine Run Presentation UPDATE **

Since we've had no takers for this, I've spoken to Ian today and stood him down for Saturday - cancelling the gig.

He did say, though, that he's in the UK until the 23rd May and if we could get a better, more suitable/convenient date for us (weekend or mid-week) then he's prepared to come back up and make the presentation for us - even if we want to choose a different NW/NE, Midlands, Scottish, SE or SW England venue, he'll try and make the gig fit into his existing schedule.

Those wishing to see this Presnetation please post here with your preference of dates/venues/locales and I'll see what I can arrange with Ian.

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I was interested Bren, but it's just too far for me. I've seen it on the telly before and would have liked to learn a bit more.

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Hey Peter,

If you fancy it and can get a medium sized crowd together, then I'm sure Ian will happily wander up to Glasga and do his preso, nay worries son. If you want to go for it let me know mate.

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<font color='#0000FF'>Same here, sounds interesting but a bit of a long haul for me (on a BH weekend too!)
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