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We're doing 'Stoneee' in a Massive Rub-a-dub YD styleee - on the 21st of Feb-ru-ar-eee:


* 01 Mark Davies (credit where it's due, this is his idea!)
* 02 Digger (that would be 'His Diggsness')
* 03 Andy Tanx-a-Deux
* 04 Tom
* 05 Diving dude and dudette (anniversary permitting)
* 06 Steve S
* 07 Daz + the 'Bristol Massive'?
* 08 Chris Hall
* 09 Matt Binnie
* 10 Kim H
* 11 Kate? Was that a yes?
* 12 Dom Humphries
* 13 Dr. Hans Gruber-Biosphere Jnr. III (Stevie Walker)
* 14 Mary
* 15 John H
* 16 Louigi
* 17 Paul C?
* 18 narked-at-50 (James)
* 19 Simon A (maybe?)
* 20 Phil Jemison
* 21 Sean "One"
* 22 Kate R
* 23 Nigel Pierce
* 24 aclivity (Andy)?
* 25 Doug - Yes Doug, you're on the list, and you're coming.
* 26 camdiver (Conor)
* 27 Bloss
* 28 Porn.....errr.....sorry....PorG
* 29 Dave King
* 30 abas
* 31 Andy Phillips
* 32 Wacker
* 33 Bren Tierney
* 34 Woz
* 35 Bobcat (Carolyn)
* 36 Cideriup
* 37 Andy Commie
* 38 The Notts Uni Half Squadron - numbering 20 Divers!
* 59 Mdemon
* 60 Adrian Kelland
* 61 Balders
* 62 James' Wife (AKA Mrs Narked @ 50)
* 63 Tracey 'Orca'
* 64 Ancl
* 65 Ancl's Mrs
* 66 Team Bunny (Noel & Dawn)
* 68 Fiona Broadbent
* 69 Dave Crampton
* 70 Miss Josie Chaplin (no relation to Chaz of the same name)
* 71 Martin S
* 72 Ian Baker
* 73 Tony (Lt Colonel Maniac)
* 74 Janos
* 75 Helen Strand
* 76 John McG
* 77 Jane Higby
* 78 Dave J
* 79 Karen Hamlet (Mrs Dave J)
* 80 Davey Willo: C-in-C of the  'DIR Triumvirate' including
* 81 Mark and
* 82 Wetlettuce (Andy Carrol)
* 83 Steve C
* 84 Mark Chase
* 85 Iestyn
* 86 Tie-wrap-diver (Tim)
* 87 KimH + Dodo + 8
* 95 Dangerous Diver + 1
* 97 ScubaRGN2
* 98 Georgina
* 99 HelenM
* 100 Druid + wife (Winter Solstice notwithstanding)
* 101 Sean "TWO" (Sean One's Oppo - see 21)
* 104 Dave (Daz's oppo from the Massive)
* 105 Nitrox (Mark)
* 106 Andy Sayers
* 107 Lawrence
* 108 WannaDiveNotWork (Steve)
* 109 Dom 'Loretta' Dlegros
* 110 Annalisa (DiggingDiver)
* 111 Admiral Hanson
* 112 Mike
* 113

Current YD Team Sheet Total = 112 !! (and not counting all the Bristol Massive who might put in an appearance)

Happy Days!! Can we top the 150 mark?? YD Bingee??

So what are we saying then? A fiver (£5) each to cover nosebag and RNLI donation? Seems both fare and fair!  

** The DIR Triumvirate will be holding a sponsored 'Bubble-check' at 6 metres for charity!

Andy Commie has kindly offered to be de facto Dive Marshal (unarmed) for the day - this to include, what is being referred to in legal circles as, "keeping a general eye on proceedings and making sure that the horses and the womenfolk are not being worried in any way", as opposed to any suggested clipboard-mania.

I've discussed this with the powers that be at YD, and here's the general play - until further notice (subject to change at a moment's notice but generally 'good to go'):

* ALL of you (at least all of you who intend to dive on the day), as mature adults and self-contained divers, are to be responsible for you own dive rig/kit; cylinders; gas/mix/fills; maximum operating depth, with regards to gaz mix and certification and safety (both in and out of the water) in what you know to be your usual or assumed (on the day) 'buddy pair'. You are to make your own decisions on the day as to whether you feel capable and fit to dive or not, as the case may be. No one on the list (or who might subsequently join us on the day) is expected to dive if they don't want.

* This YD 'gathering' shall not be, in anyway, considered a training session - unless you broker your own arrangements with an instructor of your choice and make your own, alternative arrangements; should the latter the be the case, you do it off your own bat, under your own cognisance, of your own volition and outside the remit of the 'fun day out' YD gathering.

* Other than a volutary donation to the RNLI, NO money will be charged, exchange hands or be paid to or by any diver on the current or eventual list of participants for this meeting to any member of YD. You enter the gathering free of charge (except, where applicable, for any monies paid for entry fee to the site's owners) whether you dive or not.

* YD will NOT be organising, or taking part it ANY underwater tricks, gimicks or 'group activities', as might have been alluded to in earlier posts in this or other threads; viz, there shall be no YD organised "Let's all try and get as many divers as we can into the School Bus" type activity - this is an obvious 'over-head  environment' (for which few of us hold any recognised certification, experience or training) and the chances of something/anything going wrong (e.g. a panicking diver finding him/herself in the middle of an underwater scrum in the centre of the bus and wanting to get out rapidly, and then beginning to panic further when they find they can't, due to the number of divers in the way) is just too great.

YD want to be remembered and valued for all the right reasons (bringing together divers of all agencies, clubs, capabilities and aspirations): not for being a travelling dive troupe incident looking for a venue! Where we can avoid attacting the attention of the HSE and families suing and taking legal action for the loss of any loved one, we will do!! That's why this is NOT an organised dive, per se or in actuality - the BBQ may be a different matter, but in the water, you are on your respetive own with your dive buddy until such time as you see fit to leave the water.

* I know folks want a 'YD Event', and if anything is to be undertaken as a diving group, we will have to restrict it to having a mass photo taken, in full rig, just before doing, as a suggestion, a group giant-stride entry. 100+ divers all going in at once might bring its own charms and risks, so it's your call whether you join in or not - assuming we do it.

Let's focus on the fact that the major benefit of this YD Mass Troop Gig is one of getting together, putting faces to names that you only meet on the YD forum, and the BBQ and PARTY afterwards!!! All safe, all sound, incident-free and still all the fun of the fair!!! Any one choosing to get naked during the event does so at the delight and eternal grattitude of the entire assemblage!!

For any comments or suggestions on any of the above, or anyone wishing to add more names, please PM me directly and DO NOT post them there.

Digger seems to be on top of Porg....err...sorry, providing an 'Upper Room' at the Inn for the shin-dig after the day's diving and I think he's cancelled the idea of him providing nosebag (for 100 odd+ people, it would be a logistical nightmare for the lad trying to cater for everyone). So you will need to bring your own and cook it on his BBQ or buy scoff at the excellent pub and cafe (bar menu and things like chips, bacon, egg, sausi butties etc.)

More when I have it.

** [PS: I'm suggesting - and I know you'll be backing me on this! - that neither Mark 'Mind the Steps Sir' Davies, nor 'His Diggsness' spend a penny on beer for the duration of the gig! The effort, time and brain-power which has been expended by this pair on such a venture requires our collective thank you! I suggest we have a kitty [a coupla quid each should do it]  and from thence they may draw such liquid sustinance as they see fit and as might get them 'stotius'! What say you YD chaps?? - PM your answers to me, please don't post here!]

Thanking you.  

You can found out all you need to know about Stoney Cove (depths, wrecks, dive-maps, gas fills, opening times etc.) at the following link, courtesy of ProDive:

Stoney Cove Web-link

Need a buddy for the event?? Check this link and please add your names, experience, Kit/rig config (e.g. DIR/non-DIR etc.) number of dives and any particilar skills you might have (e.g. Chris Hall and Liz are both Handicapped Diver Instructor/Mentors), such as Rescue Diver etc:

Need a Buddy for Stoney?? - See Here

Need Accommodation for the trip? See here for 'Digger's Deck', B&Bs and Hotel Accomm:

Stoney Accommodation See Here
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