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I'm putting together a P-valve a la Rachael Kendall (see Amphibian Productions Female P-Valve if you're curious / interested). I've got the "me end" of the system sorted, but I have a concern about the valve end.

My drysuit has a Si-Tech balanced valve. The hose supplied to connect to the valve nipple isn't norprene but (I think) latex and seems quite soft and flimsy, like it could be easily pulled off the valve just by me moving around in the drysuit, causing a catastrophic failure (ick!). I'm loathe to glue the hose to the valve, for fear of plugging up the hose and / or valve lumen with glue. Instead, I'm thinking of taping the hose to the valve with zinc oxide tape (or similar ultra-sticky tape).

Has anyone had the hose become disconnected from the valve on their Si-Tech? If so, what did you do to stop it happening? I've tried using a norprene hose instead, but it can be pulled off the valve nipple even more easily than the supplied hose.


And yes, I said nipple.
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